The New Advertising!

Shoppers’ Voice provides strong, accountable (New) advertising, Marketing leadership in driving business success has never been in more demand, however they desperately need proven examples of “New” Advertising…and Shoppers’ Voice is is most definitely proven “New Advertising” with over $10 million invested in independent research.With Shoppers’ Voice in place as a regular feature of your marketing programme CMOs will discover that Shoppers’ Voice provides a strong marketing communications programme and will change the way in which all advertising is conducted. Because it is totally accountable in both analogue & digital.Senior management is increasingly on the outlook for marketeers who don’t merely do things better but re-invent how they go about things. This is particularly true in the face of vastly changing consumer behaviour dynamics as evidenced by the explosion in Social Media. It’s forcing a massive reinvention of ways to both interpret customer needs and to market more successfully.As interactive communication moves in to quietly replace old advertising, the old advertising is leaving us & Shoppers’ Voice is arriving.As we emerge from the recession we must resist the temptation of sliding backwards. Take the time to study Shoppers’ Voice, both you and your organisation will be the better for it!Because Interactive Communication, properly structured, will allow Senior Marketers to finally “engage” with their audience. Sad to say despite the fact that interactive communication offers unique opportunities for true accountability, many Clients still hold onto their analogue mindsets!Shoppers’ Voice allows two-way conversations, with customers being able to customise the content they receive in line with their personal preferences.One thing is for sure, the age of push marketing is behind us. What counts now are dialogue, engagement and relevance.Yes it is a fact that the main casualties of the “New” advertising are the troglodytes of the “old” i.e. advertising agencies. Advertising people who don’t want to change their old ways of advertising because it was nice and fat and profitable and totally non accountable…how easy that old advertising was! But there are others who are now embracing Social Media and Twitter and all things Web based, with amazing suddenness. They simply cannot comprehend the real meaning of the word “communication” and are so set on their ways of maintaining our damaged advertising/marketing system that they embrace the new hoping to perpetuate the old, failed, way of advertising – especially no real accountability!It can be said with confidence that Interactive Communication, properly executed, will emerge as the New Advertising and is proven to be far more effective. It allows Clients to save huge amounts of money, it will also allow Clients to make very accurate decisions upon where to position their brand(s) in fact it will allow Clients to emerge highly successful and arguably healthier than ever before!Shoppers’ Voice is a bold call for a new Advertising. The phrase “In the Clients interest” so out of fashion for a long time has returned and Clients can only benefit from it!It also frees the best marketing people to abandon their claim that “We have the best creativity” Interactive Communication proves to Clients the utter banality of that claim, Creativity has never been the sole criterion for the success, or otherwise, of marketing communication.Advertising-as-usual is long on self-promotion and back stabbing and very short on talent & personal responsibility. Advertising-as-usual is so conservative that it lacks entrepreneurial talent and it will only be through new ideas and new companies that marketing will pull through from from their travails.However that does not mean that you should rush onto Social Media – all things in moderation wont hurt you, Social Media, properly executed, belongs in the media mix! However the problem is that we are in this evolutionary period, nothing is factually based, it’s all new with the sole exception of Shoppers’ Voice!One of the problems is The inability to measure advertising performance comprehensively online, advertising can be divided into three audience segments-browsers, socializers, and searchers. Each user segment is distinguished by a different mindset and activity. Browsers may be reading news, checking sports scores, or researching a topic for a presentation. Socializers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social venues are looking for exchange and engagement with friends and like-minded peers. Searchers,on the other hand, are distinguished by their actively researching a product or service for a particular problem or need and by having some level of intent to interact with the right solution provider.Empowering the CMOs who lack advertising accountability and struggle with solid marketing organizations and standalone systems must take action now or risk losing the battle to agile competitors who continuously optimize their budget allocation and marketing mix. To do so, CMOs must align their personnel, business processes, and technologies so that they all work in concert to meet and exceed the business’s stated goals. However you should bear in mind that only Shoppers’ Voice is totally accountable in both analogue and digital media and has been for many years!Conclusion: Put the Customer at the Centre Your marketing organizational chart may draw lines of demarcation between the different groups that manage search advertising, email, display advertising, social media, and other channels. Your organization may use disparate technologies to drive each of those functions. But those disparate groups don’t cater to different customer segments. They cater to one customer. That customer interacts with your brand most effectively with Shoppers’ Voice, clicking an average of 5.5 links before converting.Using Shoppers’ Voice gives you a single view of your customer, not five separate views. Holistic metrics enable organizations to better understand the full cross-channel customer life cycle and deliver a relevant, engaging experience. With Shoppers’ Voice, you can put the customer at the centre of your online and off-line marketing efforts, rather than focusing on tactical improvement in practitioner efficiency. And with Shoppers’ Voice, you have a means of quantifying online advertising performance by each channel to obtain the reliable data needed to make informed budget allocation and marketing mix decisions. The growing pressure to account for the financial commitment of advertising and the recognition of the contribution of media strategy to its overall effectiveness require change in our approach to media planning and buying hence the need for Shoppers’ Voice.