Avon – Beauty and Health Manufacturing Company

Avon is another beauty and health manufacturing company which has earned a reputation of one of the top brands all over the world revolutionizing the variety of products from lipstick, skin care products to different types of fragrances by presenting innovative, first-to-market products using its unique Avon-patented technology.For many years, Avon has spread its legacy of being a responsible corporate citizen adhering to the highest standard of ethics and integrity that made it as one of the most well-liked companies and one of the best companies to work for employing thousands of highly diverse employees scattered all over the world.It has authored the unique direct selling system of all its products giving most women the opportunity of independently earning and attaining economic freedom by engaging in this distinctive type of business opportunity Avon has introduced.Avon, until this very time, does not only continuously offer high quality products as well as customized services to the women around the world but it also spearheads charitable activities supporting breast cancer and domestic violence abuses.Avon products that had been around for more than a century has created bevy of beauty and health products from the very popular Avon Colors, skin care and treatment products to Avon Wellness.Its popular Avon Colors are created with superior quality which included foundations, powders, lipsticks, eye and nail products as well as face cosmetics with different choices of colors introduced giving women many selections to fit their skin tone. Some of its products contains multi-vitamins that continued to beautify women of different ethnicities.
For anti-aging and skin care treatment, Avon’s Anew has been critically acclaimed to have given positive results to the many faces of satisfied women all over the world. Avon was the first company in the beauty industry to introduce and launch an anti-aging product containing AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid, a strong and potent anti-aging, antioxidant responsible in providing effects of glowing, refreshing and younger look.It also launched the Avon Solutions for face and body treatment. It is infused with the Avon Daily Skin Allowance, a unique combination of nutrients and supplements that help women maintain healthy skin. It has also presented best-loved brands of bath and body products for all skin types.Avon also launched the first body wash that combines an exfoliating formula with an ultra-conditioning cleanser. Salon-quality products serve the needs of every hair type of both young and old. It provided wide range of shampoos, conditioners and styling products.As the world’s biggest maker of perfumes, Avon offers reasonably priced fragrances with fashionable packaging for every woman to enjoy. It further provided rejuvenating health and fitness products that promote a well-balanced lifestyle embracing a unique philosophy of having inner as well as outer beauty and the well-being of mind, body and spirit.And this time, Avon’s Mark. It provides a unique earning prospect by tapping directly into young women’s existing and daily beauty rituals. The product line of cosmetics and related products offers fun, fresh, modern packaging; affordable pricing; and unique products offered. Its vision is to provide young women with an engaging product line, a direct-selling opportunity, and a unique brand understanding that engages them in a world of community, involvement and empowerment.

From Morocco With Love – The Culinary and Cosmetic Argan Oil

When you think of Morocco, bright colours, carpets, spices and streets full of hustle and bustle come to mind. The weird and wonderful food and oils on offer can make walking around their range of famous markets a wonderful and exciting experience.The western world takes many of its natural medicines and culinary influences from other countries and Morocco is no exception. It’s a country that rely heavily on our business. The most recent export from this vibrant country has been Argan oil.What is it? It’s an oil that is sourced from the kernels of the argan tree. The trees are neatly placed within the beautiful and dry countryside of Morocco. The fruits of the tree are small and hard-shelled, similar to a nut. The hard shell covers some pulpy flesh and the flesh is home to kernels, kernels that are then used to extract the infamous oil.Many farmers will break the hard shell, feed the flesh to their livestock and extract the much-needed nectar from the kernels. It is an incredibly hands on job as automatic processes have not proved as effective. In 1998 due to the high demand and as the trees cannot be produced the Argan forests have been declared a protected reserve by UNESCO.Argan oil has two usages. In Morocco its traditionally used for food, often used to dip bread in at breakfast or to drizzle on couscous. Its extremely nutritious and is packed full of fatty acids, linoleic acid and Oleic acid, all of which have been proved to aid good heart health.It will also be used to treat skin diseases and burns. In the west we traditionally use it for cosmetic purposes and it has the innate ability to soothe dry skin and nourish very dry hair. As it can be used to treat both, it has become very popular and common medicine in many cupboards.Many women will use Argan oil for a host of cosmetic reasons. Due to its ability to treat issues with dryness it can be used on the body. It can soothe dry lips, dry feet or hard nails and it is an excellent soother for cuts, burns and even razor rash. Due to its safe versatility it makes a fab option for the entire family.If it is required for cosmetic usage the kernels will not be roasted and the process is in essence easier, but when used in culinary the kernels will be roasted to enhance their flavour. Either way the process is timely and very hand crafted.Argan oil is now easier to buy, health food shops are usually the first place many people will look too, but as with most things under huge demand there are lots of fake products on the market. A low quality oil will not give you the same benefits and the concentration of nutrients will be much lower. You usually get what you pay for.A pure version will be more expensive, but is worth the extra to make sure you get all the benefits. Always look for 100% pure cold pressed oil and you can be sure you are getting every piece of goodness.As with most oils, it is essential to keep alternative medicine bottles out of direct sunlight and its recommended to use your purchase within 6 months of opening. It may make sense to buy a smaller bottle. When it comes to using it, always carry out a small skin test, as it is a distant cousin of the nut family, it may cause an allergic reaction if you suffer with nut allergies.