Brand & Its Application

Business owners and managers are now reviewing their existing suppliers, looking for alternatives and in some cases making cuts. I am sure you are doing the same and counting every penny spent and invested.In an ever increasingly competitive environment we all need an edge – a differentiation from our competitors in our respective fields. Even companies who believe they are already recognised as the leader in their market place and who do not consider local or regional small businesses to be competition, may consider reviewing their existing branding and communications. Transversally for those starting a new business, effective branding and appropriate marketing and communications can position them as serious competition to existing suppliers.Now is a good time to position yourselves as the partner of choice for your clients, whether they are existing clients you wish to maintain or new prospects. Well planned effective communication of your brand and its benefits, its values and offering will assist you in gaining customer trust and understanding. We all buy brands, we believe in products and services that have invested in their brands. We trust they will look after our interests and will perform the tasks they say they will and be accountable if not.Application of your brand is more than putting your logo on advertising, marketing and communication pieces. Effective application of brand will lead the direction for any creative design, copy and content that is used to engage with clients and help them buy your servicesDoes your marketing collateral; advertising, website, on screen presentations have cohesive creative design that is in brand? It is a common belief that it is only when a brand has negative connotations that it needs to be reviewed, but here are many positive reasons for re-brand and re-development.So is your brand working? Initially you need to look at your current brand equity, is the brand recognised by the market sector you work within? Is your brand representative of the original business offering when you first started or has it grown with your business? Perhaps you have tried to re-design your logo but still haven’t achieved a professional, appropriate result that you can be really proud of, one that reflects your business as it is today and what it will be in the future? If you aren’t happy with your brand, do you think your staff particularly your sales team are going to present your brand effectively and with pride?Consider reviewing the previous articles mentioned above and work towards positioning your business as the brand of choice during and after these cautious times. A well presented and effective brand will help build recognition. It will keep your brand front of mind when customers are looking for the services that you have to offer. Simply put – an effective brand and its application puts you ahead of your competitors.Website – at-u creative design []